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Anesthesia Form

Fill out the anesthesia consent form below prior to your pet’s procedure.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
I, the undersigned owner/agent of the pet identified above, authorize the veterinarian(s) of Ark Animal Hospital to perform the above procedures. I understand that some risks always exist with sedation, anesthesia, and/or surgery. I am encouraged to discuss any concerns I have with those risks with the attending veterinarian before the procedure(s) are performed. I accept that all procedures will be performed to the best of the abilities of the staff at this hospital. I understand that no guarantee or warranty has been made regarding the results which may be achieved. I understand that any prices which have been quoted for such procedures are for non-complicated procedures and that any unforeseen complications may result in further cost. I hereby authorize actions that may be necessary to address any complications.(Required)
I have been advised that if my pet is hospitalized/boarded overnight, there will be times when my pet is left unattended. I also understand that it is my option to transfer my pet to a 24-hour veterinary facility for constant veterinary supervision.(Required)
We strongly recommend Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork to help identify underlying metabolic/systemic abnormalities which could increase the risk of the procedure. ($67)(Required)
An IV Catheter and IV Fluids help maintain blood pressure during anesthesia and gives immediate access to a blood vessel if there is an emergency. This is especially important with older pets, pets who are sick or complicated procedures. ($64)(Required)
Additional Pain Medication for Home: ($20-$45 dependent on size of pet)(Required)
Cold Laser Treatment after surgery has been shown to increase circulation, decrease inflammation and accelerate healing while minimizing pain ($54)(Required)
Microchip: ($54)(Required)
In most cases, if tissue has been removed, a Biopsy is recommended. ($227 for 1 site, more if additional sites)(Required)
An E-Collar "Cone of Shame" is ALWAYS recommended for pets with an incision. If your pet licks or chews at the surgery site, it could lead to infection or failure of the surgery. ($19-32)(Required)
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All payments are due upon discharge of patient. A deposit may be required at doctor’s discretion.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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