Hours of Operation
Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am to 5pm.
Walk-Ins: 8am to 11:30am and 2pm to 5pm
Saturdays: Walk-Ins only 8am to 11:30am

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Veterinary Services

The ARK ANIMAL HOSPITAL is a full-service veterinary facility. Dr. Lon Miyahira and his staff have extensive experience in helping to care for our furry friends.

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Ark Animal Hospital Services

After many attempts to engage in conversation with our pets, we have come to the conclusion that they cannot verbally express to us their medical needs. Therefore, we highly recommend that each pet receives an annual physical exam. This exam is done at no charge to clients when combined with their pets yearly vaccinations. These exams can often find developing problems before they become major issues.


We believe annual wellness care is imperative to keeping your pet happy and healthy!

Surgery & Dental

Our experienced veterinarians provide many surgical services at our clinic.


Diagnostics help us identify the exact cause of a problem or rule out possible problems.

Additional Services

Our veterinary team offers additional services for your pet that focus on improving their overall quality of life.